terms and conditions

  1. We accept payment via bank transfer and Paypal. Payment also can be done in cash.
  2. Cash payment is done in Indonesia Rupiah. If the payment is done in US dollars Flores Tour Club will determine the exchange rate.
  3. The clients have to pay 50% of total amount of tour package payment as the contract.
  4. The clients have to pay the remaining 50% payment not less than 7 days before the scheduled arrival date.
  5. Clients should read detail tour program like equipments, destinations, itinerary, and what kind of stuff or facilities included or not included because some of tour program have not included with accommodation price. Flores Tour Club does not include accommodation price in tour package since clients have different need and budget. Flores Tour Club really welcome for any question from clients. Clients need is our priority.
  6. Once the clients and Flores Tour Club have reached an agreement, clients can make a full payment.
  7. All our trip programs are subject to the following conditions and supplementary conditions. Any other conditions put forth by the clients cannot be accepted, except where there is a specific agreement in writing in this regard.
  8. If all tour programs have not been suitable with the clients’ need yet, the clients may discuss with Flores Tour Club to make special tour package.
  9. Tour organizer and tour guide of Flores Tour Club have good English skill. Clients (personal or group e.g. organization, community, institution, company etc.) have to speak English as well. Group of client should prepare their tour guide committee/division that could speak English.
  10. Here are the charges for cancellation conditions:
    • Up to 30 days prior to arrival : No charge
    • From 29 – 15 days prior to arrival : 25% of the total tour price
    • From 14 – 7 days prior to arrival : 50% of the total price
    • Within 7 days to arrival : 100% of the total price
  11. If during the tour program cannot be done because of illness or other medical problems, there will be no refund for the absence of clients. If the client have signed in the tour programs but they decide to skip the tour program, there will also be no refund.
  12. Rescheduling the tour program location due to weather condition is sometimes necessary and cannot be a reason for cancellation.
  13. Flores Tour Club is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings, cash, or other personal objects that belong to clients during tour program.
  14. Flores Tour Club provide standard medical kit. If clients have any certain illness, they should bring their own medical. Special treatment for any clients illness is not our responsibility.
  15. Each person is responsible for minors and/or objects under his or her supervision with regards to the applicable regulations by the Indonesian authorities, the police, customs, immigration etc.
  16. Flores Tour Club is required to make these general sales conditions known to the client.

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