Komodo National Park is hidden kingdom of dragon!

Sanctuary of Monsters on Earth!

Komodo National Park is located in Manggarai Barat District, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Komodo National Park is sanctuary area of Komodo Dragons (Varanus komodoensis) which is the largest living species of lizard on the earth. Precisely, Komodo Dragon live in Komodo island, and some of them also live in Rinca island. Moreover, there are some of beauty spot, like Diving, Pink Beach, and another stunning view around Komodo National Park!

Komodo Island

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Komodo island is the biggest island in Komodo National Park and also original habitat of Komodo Dragons. These dragons also live and breed in Rinca island. Landscape of Komodo Island could be devided into 3 parts, which are savanna, dry tropical forest, and mountain. The weather could be categorized as hot because the temperature could reach 40ºC. You can see grass and shrubs covering most of the tropical forest. However, along monsoon season when heavy rain falls the landscape could be more green. When the boat dock the the shore you can see panorama of fishing village. The society of the village already live for long time. and Somehow they live along side with Komodo dragon peacefully. The Komodo dragon also live their in their habitat without any fear of human threats. This sanctuary was established and recognized as UNESCO World Heritage site to protect the endangered species. Beside as part of UNESCO, Komodo National Park have got full support from Indonesia government and local society. The organization who protect Komodo feed them with livestocks like goats. The dragons are cannibalistic and also eat carcasses. So when the dragons are starving and lacking of food, they will tend to attack their own herd groups. Therefore, when the baby dragons hatch from egg shells, they will climb trees and hide between branches for several years until they grow bigger. Instinctively, they did this to prevent the attack by the bigger ones. The baby dragons eat insects on dry branch of wood. Providing food is done by organizations to prevent them from extinction. They are very sensitive to blood and their smell is very sharp. Those are the reasons why the visitors are not allowed to visit the Komodo National Park in a state of injury or menstruation. This attempts to prevent the dragons from attacking visitors. However, visitors will be accompanied by a station ranger when trekking around the Komodo National Park area. Ranger will provide several trekking options, such as short trekking, middle trekking, and long trekking. During trekking, visitors will enjoy the atmosphere of a dry tropical forest, so visitors are very suggested to bring hat, glasses and drinking water supplies. Before trekking, the ranger will explain certain things which are allowed and which are prohibited. During the trekking you need to stay in the trekking path and never trekking alone. Once you meet Komodo Dragons, you need to maintain your safe distance and also during photo shooting you should follow ranger direction. The most unforgettable moment is when you can take a photo shoot behind Komodo and pose like you touch its head!.

Flores Tour Club Komodo island

Padar Island

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Padar Island is located between Komodo Island and Rinca Island. The island is also around Komodo National Park. The island has a long coastline, making it beautiful from all sides. When the boat arrives at the dock, you will immediately see a beautiful beach with calm waves. This island has no population, making it a symbol of pure nature. You can feel the enchanting natural sensation on every side of the island. The trip is continued by trekking to the top of hills, and it's only 30 minutes to get up there. You may take photos in every side of this island. However, you need to be careful when trekking due to gravel and sand that can make you slip. Many tourists visit this island during the sunrise because Padar Island will look more stunning with the golden effect of sunshine combined with a stretch of savanna, blue sea and bright sky, just make this island as the real paradise on earth! Besides Komodo Island, Padar Island also has tropical temperature. The stretch of savanna will be seen from July to November. This island will look greener from April to June, right after monsoon. Some of the stuffs that you could prepare are hiking shoes, glasses, hats, drinking water, sunburn gel, camera, and additional clothes.

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Pink Beach

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Pink Beach is located on Komodo Island. Pink color comes from coral fragments which are carried by waves to the beach. Some sources say there are only a few Pink beaches in the world, and Komodo National Park has this kind of beach too. After trekking in Komodo Island, you may visit this beach to take rest for a while before continuing to the next trip. You may do snorkeling on this beach to see the fantastic panorama of corals and fishes. The stunning color of blue sea and pale pink beach just make this spot as the real hidden treasure on the planet!

Flores Tour Club Pink Beach edition
Flores Tour Club Pink Beach

Kelor Island

Flores Tour Club - Kelor Island edition

Kelor Island is the closest island from Labuan Bajo port. You can see the beauty of this island from the top. It only takes 15 minutes to reach the top of island. Once you start trekking, you need to wear your hiking shoes because the track could be slippery. Usually Kelor Island is the last visited island because its position is so close to Labuan Bajo City and the tourists usually reach it when sunset time. The beauty of this island gets golden effect, so the view is absolutely amazing! Besides doing photo shot or selfie, you could also swim in the beach before getting back to Labuan Bajo.

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