The Beauty of Flores Island from Side to Side!

From west to east is absolutely beautiful!

As part of Indonesia, Flores Island has been one of tourism destinations. Maybe you have heard about Komodo Island or Komodo National Park which is located in West Manggarai regency. West Manggarai is the most west side of Flores Island and also the gateway to get into Komodo National Park. Mostly, tourists traveling in Flores Island start from Labuan Bajo City and then continue to east side. The next destination after Labuan Bajo city is Wae Rebo Traditional village, which has been acknowledged as part of UNESCO. The village is located on top of the mountain in Manggarai regency. Manggarai also has unique and beautiful spider-web rice field. Move to east side, Bajawa has beautiful Oghi waterfall and Mengeruda hot spring. The next is Ende regency with its volcano, called Kelimutu, with three crater lakes at its peak. Riung regency has 17 beautiful islands and it's unpopulated island! The last trip is stunning beach in Maumere regency.

Labuan Bajo

Flores Tour Club Labuan Bajo View

Labuan Bajo is capital city of West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Labuan Bajo is a small fishing town and starting point of oversea trip to Komodo National Park, the sanctuary of Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodensis). The center of Labuan Bajo town is near from Komodo International Airport, it just takes 10 minutes. This town has its beautiful side like sunrise/sunset view point, caves, and waterfall. That's why some of tourists used to spend their time to visit tourism place around Labuan Bajo City before or after they take Komodo National Park trip. For more information, please visit Labuan Bajo city page.

Komodo National Park

flores tour club komodo dragon

Komodo National Park is sanctuary area of Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis) which is the largest living species of lizard on the earth. Precisely, Komodo Dragon live in Komodo island, and some of them also live in Rinca island. Moreover, there are some beauty spots like Diving, Pink Beach, and another stunning view around Komodo National Park. Traveling to Komodo National Park is unforgettable moment!. For more information, please visit Komodo National Park page.

Wae Rebo Village

Flores Tour Club Waerebo Traditional Village Edition 02

Wae Rebo village is located on the mountain peak of Manggarai regency. So, we categorize Wae Rebo as trekking trip, you can reach Wae Rebo with overland trip. People of Wae Rebo are still preserving the culture heritage. Empo Maro, their ancestors came from Minangkabau, Sumatra. Before staying in Wae Rebo, Empo Maro and his family moved from one village to another. Until one day, he got a vision in a dream to move all of his family in a place which is called Wae Rebo right now. A man from Wae Rebo once told us that nature had spoken to Empo Maro to live in Wae Rebo. The nature also said that Empo Maro and his descendant wouldn’t get any natural disaster if they move to Wae Rebo.

Most people live in villages to preserve their nature and ancestral heritage, but some of Wae Rebo teens decide to migrate to other cities to take a formal school and some of them study in tourism industry. The reason why they migrate to other cities is that after they finish their education, they will return to Wae Rebo to manage the tourist attraction in Wae Rebo which is their own cultural heritage.
Wae Rebo’s traditional house is called Mbaru Niang. Mbaru means home, while Niang means high and round. Mbaru Niang looks like a cone shape because the shape of the houses is like a cone and the floor shape is circular. It is symbolized as the unity between all family members. Mbaru Niang was built using natural materials such as wood, palm fiber, and rattan. If the house is damaged, the generation of Wae Rebo must use natural materials and selected wood that was taught by their ancestors. Their tradition of preserving the cultural heritage of Wae Rebo received an acknowledgement from UNESCO.

Their ancestors built 7 Mbaru Niang houses which symbolize the respect to the 7 points of the compass. The 7 points of compass mean 7 directions of mountain which surrounded Wae Rebo. Besides Mbaru Niang, Wae Rebo has an altar called Compang. Compang, a sacred place, built in the middle of Wae Rebo is used as a place to praise and worship God and their ancestors spirits. There are 2 types of Mbaru Niang, Niang Gendang and Niang Gena. There is only one Mbaru Gendang which is for chief’s house, while Niang Gena is a companion house and the total is 6 houses. Each Niang Gena has different name, which are Mandok, Jekong, Ndorom, Keto, Jintam, and Maro. Niang Gendang is located in the middle and has the largest size.
Mbaru Niang has 5 levels with different functions:
1) Lutur or Tenda is the lowest level that functions as a place for living room and bed room
2) Lobo is used to store food ingredients and daily stuffs
3) Lentar is used to store food crop seeds, such as seeds of rice, corn, and coffee
4) Lempa Rae is used to store food reserves when harvest failure
5) Hekang Code is used to place offerings or offerings to ancestors called langkar. Langkar is square and made of bamboo

Wae Rebo is absolutely “paradise” on the top of mountain. You may see the milky-way in the middle of night, and when the time comes to morning you may trekking to hills nearby to capture the panorama of Wae Rebo. Sunrise time is absolutely amazing!

Spiderweb Rice Field

Flores Tour Club Ruteng Edition

Spider-web Rice Field is located in Ruteng, Manggarai Regency. The form of spider-web rice field occurs due the process of distributing rice fields. Lingko is a tribe land which is used for the community needs. The chief of tribe has highest authority in the village and has right arrange or distribute the lingko. Tu'a Teno is someone from the village which is entrusted by chief of tribe to do the ritual. In other word, Tu'a Teno has authority all over the land (lingko) and also ceremonies related to rice field. Every family from the community has right to work in a certain part of the rice field. Once Tu'a Teno divides a lingko, the center is marked with a wood as big as adult thigh. The wood is called haju teno. The central point of lingko is called lodok. The process is drawing a long line from the center point to the outermost field. All shapes look like spider-web pattern. Goat's blood is spilled on haju teno as a symbol of the ratification of this tradition. The Manggarai people as the native tribe often hold traditional ceremonies at Lodok. During the planting and harvest seasons, they use roosters as animal sacrifice in the ceremony. This tradition is called thanksgiving day in Manggarai tribe.

You can reach Spiderweb Rice Field about 4 hours from Labuan Bajo City. But if you start from Wae Rebo, then the trip will take around 1.5 hours. Because Manggarai regency tends to be mountainous, you will encounter many bends during the trip. Before you get to spider-web rice field, you will see the Cancar traditional market. After you register in the checkpoint, you will do trekking in about 15 minutes. Be careful with slippery sand. It's good to use your trekking shoes. When you get to the top, you will see amazing panoramic view of rice fields!. One of the most unique tourism destination in Flores Island.

Ranamese Lake

overland trip to ranamese lake with flores tour club

One of the most exotic attractions on Flores Island is Ranamese Lake. This lake is located in East Manggarai Ditrict, highland of Flores. The surface of water is green color and looked very peaceful when shrouded in mist. The surrounding forest gives shade panorama. You can also hearing the chirp of birds, just like sensation in paradise. When we did overland trip, we will visit this lake right before we continued our trip to Bajawa City. So prepare you camera and because you can’t miss to capture every angles in this lake.

Oghi Waterfall

Flores Tour Club Oghi Waterfall Edition

Bajawa is one of big cities in Flores, Indonesia. Bajawa is located in the eastern side of Ruteng city. Because mostly regencies in Flores are mountainous, you will face many bends along the trip. One of the most phenomenal tourist destinations in Bajawa is Oghi waterfall. It's not difficult to reach this location since it is located around 8 kilometers from central city, and you just spend around 30 minutes to get there. Once you arrive in the parking lot, you need to trek about 20 minutes to get closer to the waterfall. In the left side, you will see wide rice field, and the local society used Oghi waterfall as source of irrigation. The height of Oghi waterfall is around 30 meters. Local government has made border in the location, so the visitor couldn't get closer to the waterfall. The reason is to prevent any bad situation or accident because of heavy flow of the waterfalls. Of course you don't want to miss recording this wonderful waterfall, right? So, don't forget to bring your camera because you will regret if you don't capture this incredible view!

Mengeruda Hot Spring

Flores Tour Club Soa Hot Spring Edition

Mengurada hot spring is located in Soa sub-district, Bajawa city, Ngada Region. The distance between central city of Bajawa and Mengeruda hot spring is about 18 kilometer. This hot spring was opened in 1997 and becomes a popular tourist attraction in Bajawa until now. The water source comes from Mount Inelika in Bajawa. Many tourists from local and outside of Indonesia visit this attraction. This hot spring could be perfect place to take a rest after long way traveling. Many people believe that the water can cure several skin diseases, people use the hot spring as medical therapy. The water contains sulfur that brings good impact for body health. Mengurada hot spring also provides several facilities, like toilets and restaurants. Before starting your next travel, you could spoil your body in this hot nature "bathtub". Feeling fresh is one of mood boosters, isn't it?

17 Islands of Riung

Flores Tour Club Riung Edition

Riung is a fishing village located in the northern coast of Flores Island, which precisely in northern side of Bajawa city. It just takes 2 hours from Bajawa. Riung is mostly known as gateway for the 17 islands National Park. This village doesn't have big population. The local people speak in three languages, which are Riung, Manggarai, and Bugis. When you arrive in this village, the first thing you have to do is booking accommodation. After you finish checking in, you could walk around the village or maybe take a rest.

Riung National Park is one of the best snorkeling spots in Flores. They have several beautiful beaches with quite calm wave, so most of the tourists want to do snorkeling around the islands. You will see the gorgeous coral reefs and many beautiful colorful fishes. You may also do trekking to the hills to see the stunning panorama from the top. Riung also has Bat Island with mangrove along the island, which function as homes for hundred or maybe thousands of fruit bats. Local people believe that the bats have been existing in the island for a long time ago even before human came to Riung. Once you finish the touring or snorkeling, boat captain will serve fish barbecue at a deserted beach. Fresh fish with original Indonesian spices on it just makes your lunch very tasteful. After you finish your lunch, the captain will give you some choices, going back to the pier or snorkeling again. The experience in Riung is absolutely amazing because you can spend your time on the beaches all day long!


Flores Tour Club Kelimutu Lake Edition 02
Unforgettable Incredible moment with Komodo Dragon

Kelimutu is a volcano Mount which is located in Pemo Village, Kelimutu District, Ende Regency. This mountain has three crater lakes at its peak. This lake is known as the Three Colors Lake because it has three different colors. They are usually dark red, light green, and green. However these colors usually change in certain moments. Kelimutu is a combination of words from keli which means mountain and the word mutu which means boiling. According to the local population beliefs, the colors of the Kelimutu Lake have their philosophy and have powerful natural forces.

The light green lake is called Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai, and local people believe that the lake is the gathering place for the souls of deceased young people. The dark red lake is called Tiwu Ata Polo which is a gathering place for the souls of people who have died and when they lived they used to do evil or crime. Another one is green lake. Local people call it Tiwu Ata Mbupu which is a gathering place for the souls of deceased old people. The local people around Kelimutu Lake believe that when the lake changes color, they must feed the spirit with anything that could please them.

You have to prepare your trekking stuff like trekking shoes, mask, and warm hoodie since the weather could be very cold and also people could also get coughing due the gas around the mountain peak. The tourist used to do trekking in sunrise time. The golden sunlight and the color of lakes are so amazingly beautiful. So, don't forget to bring your camera and make sure you don't miss to capture every angle of it! If you're lucky, you will see a group of monkey in the cliffs, they're stray monkeys which come from the forest around the lakes.

Koka Beach

Flores Tour Club Koka Beach Edition

Koka beach is located in Paga sub-district, Sikka Regency, Maumere City. Precisely, Koka beach is in southern side of Maumere city. If you start from Kelimutu, you will pass through many bend roads along the trip, but don't worry, the road condition is good. You will see long panoramic sea in the right side when you enter Sikka Regency. Once you get in the parking lot, you will face the stunning view of blue crystal water. What an amazing view that can hypnotize people to come closer! This beach consists of two side coastlines with a big rock as the separator. White and fine sand stretching along the coastline could make you addicted to spend your time a little bit longer in the beach while feeling the breezing wind that will give you a peaceful atmosphere and sensation. Koka beach is a hidden paradise on earth!

So that's our explanation about Flores Island. If you have any question about Flores island, please contact us. You may also check available Flores tour package on home page.

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